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"Deliver and Support world class products and solutions that adds value to our customers' success."
  • GENNEXT TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS LTD (GTSL) came into existence to focus exclusively the ICT and its Security related businesses in Rwanda.
  • GTSL team has more than 22 years of experience in the field of IT infrastructure services and Information Security Services.
  • GTSL is endorsed by well experienced industry focused and passionate professionals to provide customers with world class Consulting Services and Training in the field of ICT and Information Security.

Our services

Leading to Endpoint Security capabilities, identifying gaps or technical solutions to further enhance the team's effectiveness and alignment with operational best practices.

Data Center Consulting, Implementation Services and Support

  • We consider best practices, industry trends and client individual needs to produce the most cost-effective platforms with industry-leading performance from enterprise data center, national data center and multitenant data centers. Our data center solutions are cost effective with high performance and are suitable for cloud environment.
  • Data Center Consulting Services are an enterprise-wide consultative approach to help you manage mission critical environments. The services encompass the entire lifecycle from assessment, strategy and design to implementation and operational services. We have the expertise, proven methodologies and tools to help you manage your data center investments, improve operations and performance and deliver business results.

Application Security Assessment

  • Assesses application vulnerabilities that may affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of critical or sensitive data.
  • Determines security weaknesses and mis-configurations through comprehensive vulnerability assessment of the application and network infrastructure directly supporting the application.
  • Conducts technical testing with focus on Web application development.
  • Provide comprehensive report with recommendations for mitigating identified risks.

Internal / External PT

  • Demonstrates testing with versatile pen-testing methods and tools like Burp Pro.
  • Demonstrating knowledge of threat actors and the ability to replicate the tactics, techniques and procedures leveraged by adversaries.

Security Audit

  • Application Audit: Auditing the applications with best practices against leading industry security standards.
  • IT Audit: Auditing the IT infrastructure against the industries best practices.
  • Gap Analysis : Security policy & IS0 27001 standard.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Focuses on actual vulnerability identified as mis-configurations, OS software defects, network holes or other application vulnerabilities that compromise individual layer of security.
  • Conducts complete scanning of IT infrastructure, scan execution, quality of work and deliverables.

Managed Security Services

  • Offer a full suite of cyber security solutions to help clients prioritize their coverage based on risks to their business focusing on becoming an extended part of our clients’ security teams.
    • Managed security services are customized to client needs with:
    • Security information and event management.
    • 24×7 logging, monitoring, and alerting.
    • Log collection and retention access.
    • Real-time monitoring and analysis of security events across enterprise assets.
    • Vulnerability management.
    • Managing the full vulnerability life cycle from identifying to managing execution of remediation, to reporting.
    • Security Incident notification and reporting.

    ISO 27001 Implementation and Consulting

    Our consultation services provides applied security management solutions customized to client needs.

    • Realistic advice and solutions.
    • Proven Methodology.
    • Subject matter expert and certified consultants.
    • Vendor Independent.


    • Gap analysis.
    • Security awareness campaign.
    • Onsite information security training.
    • Risk management.
    • Establish ISMS & documentation review.
    • Business continuity planning.
    • Pre assessment.
    • Surveillance audit and re-certification.

    Our products

    Let our professional team create a conceptualised product just for you.

    AI based Surveillance Security

    Our AI powered algorithm can keep your premise secure. We can identify unknown or blacklisted people coming inside the premise in real time. Also, we can automatically identify weapons using surveillance 24/7. If suspicious activity is recognized, we will be able to notify the concerned person at that very moment.

    Video Analytics

    Video analytics application is capable of processing any kind of offline videos and identify unknown people and keep track among them. We can identify weapons including guns, knives in real time. Anyone can select the video they want to process and see the results anytime and can produce reports out of it.

    Face Access Control System

    Why waste time on verifying your biometrics! We can recognize people coming into the premise and if authorized we allow them into the office. We recognize the person in less than one second using our system and we can keep track of time and how many times, a suspected person is coming in and out of the premise.

    Security operating center Solutions

    We provide a combination of Hardware and Software solutions which encompass threats varying from Network to End-Point that help detect near and real-time threats including Ransomwares & Malwares with the aid of signatures updated periodically. Also, we use our own Pre-processor engine to detect anomalies and hence deter a zero-day attack. We have trained personnel to monitor the IT Infrastructure, detect threats and attacks and discard false positives.

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